What is SpankOut Day, USA?

"Raising Responsible (Good) Kids Without Hitting"

SpankOut Day USA was initiated in 1998 to give widespread attention to the need to end corporal punishment of children and to promote non-violent ways of teaching children appropriate behavior. EPOCH-USA (End Physical Punishment of Children) sponsors SpankOut Day USA on April 30th of each year. All parents, guardians, and caregivers are encouraged to refrain from hitting children on this day, and to seek alternative methods of discipline through programs available in community agencies, churches and schools.

Since 1998, over 1,000 informational events on child discipline have been carried out by organizations on SpankOut Day USA. Thousands of individuals have participated in this observance.

You can do something to stop children from being hit, even if you only have a few minutes to help. Click here to see the SpankOut Day Tool Kit for easy, effective ideas.

SpankOut Day participants, agencies, churches and schools are required to teach no hitting/positive discipline to parents and caregivers. Participant evaluations are required. Here is a summary of more than 1,000 participant responses from attendees of sponsored SpankOut Day events to the following questions:

1) Did the event provide information about the negative effects of physical punishment?

Yes: 94.2 No: 2.2% Not sure: 3.6%

2) Did you learn at least one new type of non-physical discipline at this event?

Yes: 93.8% No: 4.1% Not sure: 2.1%

3) If you take care of children, will you be more likely to use non-physical discipline as a result of what you learned at this event?

Very likely: 91.8% Somewhat likely: 0.9%

Not sure: 4.2% Not applicable: 3.1%

Download: What is SpankOut Day USA April 30th?

Spank Out Day Mini-Grants

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We support SpankOut Day April 30th, a no-hitting, no-smacking, no spanking day for children, because it provides an opportunity for concerned organizations and individuals in all countries to speak out against physical punishment of children and to promote non-violent effective discipline. Physical punishment puts children at risk for physical and psychological harm, tolerance of violence, anti-social behavior, and poorer adjustment in adulthood. Non-violent discipline helps children become caring, responsible, and self-disciplined adults. Through educational events and campaigns, newsletters, and discussions on April 30th of each year, parents and caregivers will learn about the effects of corporal punishment and non-violent alternatives so they will see that children can be raised successfully without physical punishment.


  • USA
    Dr. Murray Straus, Durham, NH
    Adrienne Haeuser, Milwaukee, WI
    Dr. Elizabeth Gershoff, New York, NY
    Dr. Alvin Pouissant, Boston, MA
    Dr. Philip Greven, New Brunswick, NJ
    Dr. Robert Fathman, Dublin, OH
    Dr. Charles Johnson, Columbus, OH
    Dr. Stephen J. Bavolek, Arden, NC
    Susan Bitensky, Esq., Detroit, MI
    Dr. Alan Button, Fresno, CA
    Dr. Cynthia Price Cohen, New York, NY
    Dr. Richard Gelles, Kingston, RI
    Dr. David Gil, Waltham, MA
    Isadora Hare, Washington, DC
    Dr. Irwin Hyman, Philadelphia, PA
    Dr. Kenelm F. McCormick, Barberton, OH
    Clark Moeller, Towanda, PA
    Paul Mones, Esq., Portland, OR
    Fran Morris, Oklahoma City, OK
    Dr. Carolyn Newberger, Boston, MA
    Dr. Eli Newberger, Boston, MA
    Rev. Dr. Thomas E. Sagendorf, Hamilton IN
    Dr. Lesli Taylor, Chapel Hill, NC
    Dr. John Valusek, Wichita, KS
    Dr. Edward Zigler, New Haven, CT
    Dr. Lucien Lombardo, Norfolk, VA
    Dr. Karen Polonko, Norfolk, VA
    Dr. Madeleine Y. Gomez, Chicago, IL
    Dr. Katharine Kersy, Norfolk, VA
    Glen Miles, Phnom Penh
    Dr. Joan Durrant, Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Corinne Robertshaw, Toronto, Ontario
    Dr. Elliott Barker, Midland, Ontario
    NGO MiRTa, Split
    APANACH members Mr. Santosh Kulkarni, Dr. Suman Karandikar,
    Dr. Deshpande, Dr. Meenal Naravane, Mrs. Sanjoy Apte,
    Mrs. Swati Kulkarni, Mrs. Varsha Patil, Mrs. Sushila
    Dhiraj Karki
    Mali Nilsson, Stockholm
    Patmalar Ambikapathy
    Peter Newell, London
    Dr. Penelope Leach, London
    Dr. Alison Maddocks, Consultant Paediatrician
    Dr. Jock Posen

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