What You Can Do to End Physical Punishment of Children

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Find out more about corporal punishment and child abuse laws.

What I Can Do to End Physical Punishment in Schools

Facts to arm myself with:

Grass roots strategies:

Sample letter to my school board members and superintendent:
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Sample letter to my state legislator:
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Sample letter to my U.S. congressman:
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What I can do as a parent

What kids can do


What I Can Do to End Physical Punishment in Homes

Facts to arm myself with:

Why physical punishment of children should be banned

What can parents do instead of spanking?

What can I do and what can others do to end physical punishment of children?

Sample letter to my state legislator or federal legislator about protecting
children from physical harm caused by hitting with instruments
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A sample bill for ending all physical punishment of children
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How to find my elected officials:

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What Should I Say? How To Be an Effective Advocate

Advocacy Tools-Tips from Families USA

There are many people like you who care enough to make a difference – ordinary people who are becoming heroes to make the world safer and more peaceful for children. Read a story about one such person and check back often as we highlight stories of advocates working on behalf of children and families. We invite you to nominate people who are making a difference in ending corporal punishment of children.



Jimmy Dunne

Jimmy Dunne, a retired junior-high math teacher founded People Opposed to Paddling Students or POPS in Houston ,TX in 1982 and has been working to abolish school paddling since then. He led the effort which put away the paddles in the Houston Ind. School District. He says that school paddling is legalized child abuse.

He has written numerous letters and articles in newspapers and has appeared on national TV shows such as the Phil Donahue Show, the Leeza Gibbons Show, the Shirley Show in Toronto and Good Morning America. Jimmy created a No Spanking Zone poster with the Top Ten Reasons Not to Spank Your Child. His website is www.nospankingzone.org


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